A large number engineers will be recruited in Baghdad, Iraq

Kamudanisilanlari.com team, which continues to search for job postings abroad for you. We came across a new job posting on an international job platform. According to a job posting published by a construction company, many engineers are employed for the ongoing project in Baghdad, Iraq. Also, the construction company does not require age requirements for engineers.

Engineers are excited… What are the application requirements for a job posting abroad? How will the engineers who will take part in the Iraq project apply? Which branch and number of engineers will be recruited to the construction company? Continue to review our article for details…

When we examined the job posting, the construction company did not make any requests to the candidates other than a vocational diploma.

Engineer candidates who want to apply for the Iraq Baghdad Construction project will submit their applications online. Candidates who want to take part in the project should send their CVs to the e-mail address “cemilozden@acros.com.tr”.

Engineers seeking employment abroad; we have come to the answer to the main question. The construction company operating in Iraq will employ three engineers. All engineers who will work on the project must be civil engineers. Important announcement to all our readers.

CLICK for foreign engineer recruitment announcement.

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