Ankara TURKSAT recruits 80 expert personnel in 35 branches without KPSS

This morning, we received good news from TURKSAT for our readers. TURKSAT published a new job posting on September 12, 2022 via the Turkish Employment Agency. According to the public job announcement of İŞKUR, TURKSAT is recruiting 80 personnel in 35 branches in Ankara. The good thing is that the state institution KPSS will provide unconditional employment.

Aren’t you excited? What are the application requirements for TURKSAT specialist recruitment job posting? Where and how to apply for public job postings? In which positions will specialists be recruited? Details are here…
Turksat personnel
TURKSAT recruitment conditions.

Candidates who want to become experts in Ankara TURKSAT should click on the content of the advertisement, the link of which is given below, and examine the conditions of the position they want to apply for.

We can look at the general qualifications to be sought in candidates;

Not being banned from public rights,

For male candidates, to have completed their military service or to be postponed;

Does not have a disease that will prevent him from performing his duty continuously,

Not to be convicted of disgraceful or crimes against state secrets. Not to act against the national security of the state,

Having received a health report indicating that the health status is appropriate,

Positive result of the security investigation,

Candidates who wants to be a TURKSAT public personnel will submit their applications online. Candidates who want to become experts in a government institution have to upload the required documents for the position they want to apply to the “” system.

Let’s come to the answer to the main question… In which positions will TURKSAT recruit experts?
public officer in Turkey
TURKSAT Recruitment List

Infrastructure and System Architect

Analysis Specialist

Big Data Specialist

Solution Architect

Storage System Specialist

Graphic Design Specialist

Security Architect

Security Operations Specialist

Security System Administrator

Operating System Specialist

Linux-Unix Expert

Network Specialist

Program Manager

Project supervisor

Penetration Testing Specialist

Test Specialist

Application Security Analyst

Data Mining Data Analysis Specialist

Database Specialist

Software developing expert

Software Architect

Malware Analyzer

Budget and Reporting Specialist

Finance expert

Human resources specialist

Construction and Project Specialist

Business development specialist

KH Cable Systems Infrastructure Specialist

KH Cable Systems Material Specialist

Accounting Specialist

Regulation Specialist

Purchasing specialist

Contract Management Specialist

Product Management Specialist

Management Systems Specialist

CLICK HERE to access the advertisement texts according to the branches for TURKSAT specialist recruitment.

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