Assistanik Human Resources recruits an unconditional recruitment assistant

We continue to search and find job postings that are suitable for everyone. team reviewed a new job posting on an international platform. According to the job posting published on October 11, 2022, Assistanik Human Resources is looking for a recruiting assistant. Moreover, the company does not seek professional qualifications.

Candidates are excited! What are the human resources job application requirements? How to apply for a job in the company? What are the expected duties of a recruitment assistant? Follow our news for details…
recruitment personnel
recruitment assistant conditions

Candidates who want to apply to the Assistant Human Resources firm must submit their applications online. Candidates can complete their applications by sending their CVs to “” e-mail address.

The following qualifications will be sought in candidates who want to become a recruitment assistant:

Bachelors Degree

Preferably with call center experience

Successful in phone interviews

Able to make 70-100 phone calls per day

Aiming for a career in Recruitment

Residing in Izmir

solution-oriented candidates with strong communication skills.

Assistant Human Resources provides consultancy to international companies on personnel selection and placement. For this reason, it asks the candidates to do the following tasks.

To provide company interviews by conducting language interviews and pre-interviews of the candidates on the phone,

To follow up the interview processes until the recruitment process is completed.

For recruitment asistant job post to CLICK

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