Big purchase started in Saudi Arabia! 19 professions will be recruited continues to research international jobs and bring them to our fingertips. On a job platform, the engineering firm named Abis published a new job posting on September 29, 2022. Operating in Saudi Arabia, the company will recruit personnel in 19 professions. We recommend that you read our article to the end for the announcement to be recruited on a large scale.

Where and how will applications be made to the Saudi Firm? What are the application requirements? Which occupations will be employed to Saudi Arabia? Here are the details…

Candidates who will apply to Abis Engineering should apply online. Those interested in job postings should send their CVs and transcripts to the e-mail address given below. Candidates must specify the subject of the e-mail they will send for job application as name_position. Candidates who will apply to a Saudi company should send an e-mail to the e-mail address “”.

When we examine the job postings abroad, it is required to finish a Bachelor’s Degree, to have a GPA of at least 3 out of 4, and to have at least 3 years of work experience.

Here we come to the answer to the main question; Which professions will be recruited in Saudi Arabia:

Abis will recruit for 19 professions

.       Engineer – Mechanical
·       Business Systems Analyst (IT/LAN/MIS/Data Analyst)
·       Engineer – Communication
·       Engineer – Control & Instrumentation
·       Engineer – Cost
·       Engineer – Electrical
·       Engineer – Instrumentation
·       Engineer – Mechanical
·       Engineer – Piping
·       Engineer – Process
·       Engineer – Rotating Equipment
·       Engineer – Scheduling
·       Engineer – Telecommunication
·       Engineer-Civil
·       Estimating Engineer
·       HR
·       Material Specialists
·       Project Control Admin Support
·       Safety/Field Compliance Officers

 for a large recruitment announcement for Saudi Arabia CLICK HERE

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