Good news for car owners! The move to lower prices has been announced…

A breaking news about fuel prices came from the USA. According to the news, the US administration has officially announced the move it will take against the decision of OPEC + to limit production. With this move, it is expected that there will be a very serious decrease in fuel prices! So you can travel at lower prices

In the statement made by the American officials regarding the OPEC+’s decision to restrict production, US President Joe Biden stated that today (19.10.2022) he will announce new steps to strengthen US energy security, encourage production and reduce costs.

In the aforementioned steps, which are expected to be announced today, the US will make a sales notification for 15 million barrels of oil reserves. Following this statement, the US Department of Energy’s sales statement for 15 million barrels of strategic oil reserve to be delivered in December will be published today.

In the statement, which was noted that the sale will complete the decision to release more than 180 million barrels of oil to be announced in March, it was learned that Biden will prepare for additional sales from the strategic oil reserve in the winter months if necessary.


In the statement, it was stated that it was aimed to reduce the price of brent oil to 66-71 dollars per barrel. Referring to the recent decline in energy prices, Biden instructed that the incoming discounts should be reflected on the prices as soon as possible.


According to the latest information received from the fuel sector, it was stated that the price of brent oil per barrel was at the level of 90.23 dollars.

After this move by the USA, a decrease in the price of brent oil barrels and a reduction in fuel prices are expected.

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