It is recruited in the United States with an annual salary of 115,000 dollars

A company that carries out technical projects around the world, is recruiting engineers with a high salary. According to the job application, The firm will pay 115 thousand dollars to engineer…

Aren’t you excited? Now let’s find the answer to the hiring… How to apply for the engineer hiring? Where and how to apply? From which branch will the company recruit engineers? Here’s what…

Applications for engineer employment are prepared online from link below.

The engineering firm will employ a chemical engineer or engineer with knowledge of chemistry.


Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering-related discipline from an accredited university. Bachelor of Science in engineering disciplines that are in the chemical class

At least 10 process training in chemical systems development and application.

Chemical Processing, basic process control/instrumentation and Process Safety

calling. Basic mechanics and electricity (including thermal process) of the game are preferred.

Knowledge of PC-based software tools such as MS-Office, MS Project and process engineering software such as ChemCAD or ASPEN

Cause and effect analysis should be sure to be sure about time/project management.

System development capability

For job application CLICK.

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