Job opportunity: Personnel in 96 professions will be recruited to the oil refinery in Saudi Arabia

Kamudan İs İlanlari have again found an opportunity for you. According to the job posting published on October 16, 2022 in an international business network, an oil refinery in Saudi Arabia will recruit staff in 96 professions. The company named Saudi Aramco does not look for the personnel to be recruited in terms of age.

Let’s talk about questions in your mind? What are the conditions for Saudi Arabia Job opportunity? In which positions will personnel be recruited to Saudi Arabia? Where and how to apply for oil companies? Details are here…
salaries in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Job Conditions

The conditions for the oil refinery in Saudi Arabia vary from profession to profession. You can click to link below, choose your profession and read the conditions. If you are suitable for the job, you can click the “Apply now” button to continue with your job application.

Pozitions for Oil and Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical in Saudi Arabia

Artificial Lift Specialist

Blue Hydrogen & Ammonia Specialist

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Specialist

Chemical Process Engineer

Chief Engineer

Civil Engineer

Composites Integrity Specialist

Contract Engineer

Contracts Advisor

Control System Engineer

Core Analysis Specialist

Corporate Communication Strategist

Corporate Historian

Corrosion Engineer

Cost Engineer

Crude Oil Treatment Research Expert

Crude Processing Engineer

Drilling Engineer

Drilling Fluids Senior Researcher

Drilling Foreman

Drilling Foreman Senior

Electrical Engineer

Emulsion Specialist


Engineer Professional

Engineering Specialist

Environmental Coordinator

Environmental Engineer


Facilities Engineering Specialist

Facilities Planning Specialist

Facility Engineer

Field Compliance

Field Compliance Coordinator

Field Rotating Equipment Engineer

Field Safety Advisor

Flow Assurance Engineer

Gas Facilities Planning Engineer

Gas Production Engineer

Industrial Facilities Inspector

Instrumentation Engineer

Integrity Engineer

Maintenance Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineering Maintenance

Mechanical Rotating Equipment Engineer

Mechanical/Rotating Equipment Engineer

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Engineer

Nonmetallic Engineer

Non-Metallic Engineer

Numerical Geologist

Offshore or Onshore Geotechnical Engineer

Oil Facilities Planning Engineer

Oil Production Engineer

Oil Reservoir Management Engineer

Oil Reservoir Management Specialist

Petrochemical Analyst

Petroleum Economics Specialist

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineer Specialist


Plant Corrosion Engineer

Process Engineer

Process Engineer Ammonia

Process Engineer C4

Process Engineer Hydroprocessing

Process Engineer Mixed Feed Cracking (MFC)

Process Engineer Polymers

Process Engineer Pygas & Aromatics

Process Safety Engineer

Refining Research Scientist

Refining Technology Expert

Reserves Specialist

Safety Advisor – Consultant

Safety Engineer

Science Specialist

Senior Counsel

Senior Gas Production Engineer

Senior Hydrogen Market & Technology Outlook Specialist

Senior Network Architect

Senior Project Engineer – Petrochemicals specialty

Senior Project Engineer Electrical

Senior Project Engineer Mechanical

Stable Isotope Geochemistry Specialist

Turnaround & Inspection Planner

Ultra Tight/Tight Sand & Channel Reservoir

Unconventional Reservoir Simulation Engineer

Upstream Data Analytics Scientist

Upstream Facilities Engineering Specialist

UR Exploration System Specialist

Vibration Engineer

Visitor Experience Specialist

Water Treatment Engineer

Well Completion Specialist

Well Testing Engineer

YouTube Video Producer

CLICK to Saudi Aramco job opportunity page


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