New feature to WhatsApp: You can shop with Chat!

WhatsApp is developing an innovation that will help people find companies, send messages with them and buy their products directly on messenger.


The company’s press release states that the WhatsApp team working in Brazil is discussing how to do this so that users can shop directly in chat.


Users need a way to easily and quickly get information or help from the millions of small businesses and tens of thousands of brands available on WhatsApp, and companies can be searched directly on WhatsApp by category (such as “tourism” or “banking”). ”) or by company name. You will not need to search for phone numbers on the Internet or write them in the directory.


In a statement from WhatsApp, “We have developed a company search feature that ensures user privacy. Your search queries will be processed so that they cannot be linked to your account. The Job Finder feature is currently available to our WhatsApp Business platform users in Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the new feature will allow you to search for small businesses in Brazil.”


It is noted that more and more companies are using WhatsApp, and the main principle of the messenger remains “to give people the opportunity to get the information they need at any time.” Compliance with this principle is as important for WhatsApp as it is for the people and companies that choose our platform. Among the companies that have signed up are those who help open a bank account, buy tickets for transportation and order food.”

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