Opportunity to work remotely with computer knowledge

Kamudanisilanlari.com Team continues to find suitable jobs for everyone. The subject of this business news is a job opportunity related to remote working, that is, working from home. According to the job posting we reached on an international business network, a company operating abroad offers the opportunity to work remotely, for people with computer knowledge.

We seem to hear your questions. How do we apply for a remote work job posting? What are the job application requirements? Which professions can apply? Here are the details…

Applications for work from home job postings will be accepted online. Candidates who are interested in the job should send their CVs to the e-mail address “hakan@njoptimal.com”.

Candidates who will apply for a remote job posting, should have these conditions
  • being energetic,
  • be able to adapt to different cultures and different working disciplines,
  • having good command of Microsoft Office programs,
  • be open to learning new programs
  • intermediate level of English
  • most importantly, it must have an honest and strong work ethic.

Candidates to whom I will apply for a job must prepare their CVs in English and PDF format. CVs other than this will not be accepted.

The staff working remotely in the Lithuania-based company is required to be a civil engineer. Engineer will desing 3D consructions.

For Remotely Job Post to CLICK.

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