Overseas Job Opportunity! 32 engineers and designers are urgently recruited to the United States

Kamudanisilanlari.com continues to search and find job postings for engineers. According to the job posting we came across on an international business platform, the company named Taylor Technical in the USA is urgently looking for 32 engineers and designers. Moreover, applications for overseas job opportunities will be made via e-mail.

Engineers are excited! What are the Taylor Technical application requirements? For which positions are staff recruited to the United States? How will applications be made for overseas jobs? Follow our news for details…

When we examined the job postings abroad, there was no expression other than professional competence for the application requirement. It is stated that most of the positions will work long-term.

Taylor Technical is hiring these positions:

✳ Lead E/I Designer – Midstream, 3D
✳ Electrical Designers – Midstream, mid-level
✳ Sr. E/I Designers (AK, CO, WA, CA, MT)
✳ Jr. E/I Designers (AK, CO, WA, CA, MT)
✳ Sr. Instrument Designer (Washington state)
✳ Lead Structural Designer – Advance Steel
✳ Piping Designers – PDMS/E3D
✳ Piping Designer – SP3D/S3D
✳ Piping Designers (Chicago, IL)
✳ Sr. Piping Designer – Cadworx
✳ P&ID Drafters – 2-10 years of exp.
✳ Electrical Engineering Manager
✳ Sr. Electrical Engineer – Onshore and/or offshore projects
✳ Electrical Engineer – onshore and/or offshore projects
✳ Electrical Engineer – Midstream
✳ Electrical Engineer – Power Plant projects
✳ Electrical Engineers (California or Washington)
✳ E/I Engineer (Midland, TX)
✳ Process Engineers – any project experience
✳ Process Engineers – mid-level
✳ Structural Engineer – Midstream and/or Refinery projects, PE
✳ Structural Engineers – LNG, Refinery or Chemical
✳ Structural Engineers (California)
✳ Structural Engineer (Chicago, IL)
✳ Mechanical Engineer – Onshore or Offshore projects
✳ Mechanical Engineers – Mid-level, Midstream or offshore
✳ Mechanical/Project Engineer – mid-level, offshore projects, PE
✳ Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager – Midstream or offshore
✳ Mechanical/Piping Engineer (Chicago, IL)
✳ HVAC Engineer – Refinery/Chemical projects
✳ Pipeline Engineers (Alaska)
✳ Engineering Manager

Applications for the USA overseas job opportunity will be made online. Candidates related to the job posting can apply by sending their resumes to ashleyg@taylortechnical.com. They can also get more detailed information about the job.

We wish success to all our applicants.

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