Overseas job opportunity! Personnel are being recruited for 33 positions to work in the North Sea.

You know that the North Sea is a sea where Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and England have coastlines. On an international business platform, it was announced on October 26, 2022 that a Danish energy company will recruit for 33 positions. According to the overseas job opportunity the personnels to be recruited will work on projects in the North Sea.

So, what are the application requirements for the overseas job posting? For which positions will the energy company hire? How and when will applications be made? Stay tuned for details.

Application requirements for Danish company NorSPIE

Application requirements vary from profession to profession. You can reach the application requirements by clicking on the link below and choosing your profession.

Positions to be recruited by NorSPIE Energy

Campaign Team leader, Offshore

Conditional maintenance (CBM) engineer, Onshore

Contractor Site Representative, Offshore

Deck Supervisor, Offshore

Elec/HVAC Engineer, Onshore

Elec/HVAC technician, Onshore

Electrical Supervisor, Offshore

Electrical Technician, Offshore

Gas Turbine Specialist/Rotating Equipment Specialist, Offshore

HSE & Safety Equipment Coordinator, Offshore

HVAC specialist, Offshore

Hydraulic Technician, Offshore

Hydraulic Technician, Onshore

ICSS (PLC – Telecom) Specialist, Offshore

ICSS/PLC Technician, Offshore

Instrument Engineer, Onshore

Instrument Supervisor, Offshore

Instrument Technician, Offshore

Instrument technician, Onshore

Mechanical Engineer, Onshore

Mechanical Supervisor, Offshore

Mechanical Technician, Offshore

Mechanical technician, Onshore

Planner/Scheduler, Onshore

Preparation Team leader, Onshore

PSV Specialist, Offshore

PSV Technician, Onshore

Pump Technician, Offshore

Roustabout, Offshore

Safety equipment Engineer, Onshore

Site Assistance Services (SAS) Manager, Onshore

Workshop supervisor, Onshore

Work Preparer – Mechanical, Onshore/Offshore

How to apply for a North Sea job posting

Candidates interested in the overseas job posting can apply online. Let’s examine the application steps together…

Click on the link we provided below. Choose your profession from the list of professions. Read the application requirements and job description carefully. You can use Google translate to read in more detail. You can reach the application screen by clicking the “Apply” section on the right for the position you think is suitable for you. You can complete your application by filling out the required fields.

The deadline to apply for overseas job posting is 1 January 2023, and an application period of 2 months has been given.

We wish success to all our candidates.

CLICK HERE to apply for a job abroad in the North Sea.

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