President Erdoğan: An International Gas Center Will Be Established in Turkey!

Today, while European countries are actively looking for ways to buy gas, Turkey does not have such a problem. At the parliamentary meeting held in Ankara dated October 19, 2022 by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he stated that an international natural gas center will be established in Turkey.

According to the statements of President Erdogan, in his last meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, they reached a consensus on gas. Putin himself said that Europe can buy gas through Turkey. Turkey and Russia agreed to establish a gas hub in Turkey where natural gas could be delivered to Europe: “So Europe will order natural gas from Turkey.”

During the meetings between the Presidents of Russia and Turkey in Astana on October 13, the issue of establishing a gas center was discussed. According to Erdogan, the center is planned to be created as soon as possible, the most suitable place for this is the Thrace region on the European side of Turkey.

The President of the Russian Federation spoke at the Russian Energy Week forum last week, with the idea of ​​establishing Europe’s largest gas hub in Turkey, where the transit volume lost through Nord Stream can be redirected. The Russian leader noted that he is interested in the possibility of building another gas pipeline system in Turkey and, if they are interested, creating a center where natural gas will be supplied to third countries, especially European countries.

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