Samsung C&T: Introducing Future Housing Technology!

Samsung C&T Construction Division has released a video of the Raemian brand showing future residences. The new brand video introduces futuristic housing technologies with the slogan ‘The future is already in Raemian’. With the facial recognition access system, it makes the bedrooms and bathrooms, which are private spaces for residents, personal. It also includes new space suggestions that reflect the preferences of each family member, such as a personal fitness area and a performance practice room.

There is a robot system that delivers from food order to delivery and heavy luggage. The robot service and Raemian’s landscape product ‘Nature Gallery’ are also featured in the video.

With the concept of nature and healing, Nature Gallery plans to apply it to the landscaping of the Raemian complex in the future, starting with the ‘Banpo Raemian One Bailey’ currently under construction in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

Since the launch of the brand in 2000, Raemian has continually strived to introduce new products and services. The products shown in the brand video are also products that Raemian has commercialized or is in development. Additionally, Songpa-gu can be experienced at Raemian Gallery in Seoul.

A Samsung C&T official said, “Raemian will deliver a new Life Companion vision for customers’ lives and lead the housing paradigm with more advanced products and services.” said.

Meanwhile, Raemian has ranked first in the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI) apartment industry for 25 consecutive years, in the National Brand Competitiveness Index (NBCI) for 19 consecutive years, and in the Korea Industrial Brand Power (K-BPI) for 21 consecutive years.

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