The European Union has introduced a USB-C charging port requirement for all portable electronic devices.

The European Union stipulated that all portable electronic devices such as smart phones should have USB-C charging ports. According to the approved legal regulation, a uniform charge input application will be implemented for all electronic devices sold in 2024.

Today, the majority of devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, keyboards, speakers have TYPE-C charging ports. For this reason, the EU planned to reduce electronic waste and standardize charging inputs. It announced that it has received approval by member states for the new application.

Thus, a single charger can be used on many devices. In case of renewal of the devices, it will not be necessary to buy a new charger and cable.

Apple may be affected by these standards

This act, which has been approved by the European parliament and will be published in the official gazette, may affect Apple. Because Apple uses an input called lightning in many electronic devices. The company prefers USB-C input in very few of its products. For this reason, Apple is likely to be affected by this regulation.

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